Apprenticeship Careers Day 2023
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KBB and Merchant Apprenticeship Career’s Day is now behind us.

What we have learnt

1. Choose a training provider and for non-levy payers, (wage bill less than £3m) you’ll still receive 95% funding for the apprenticeship training costs.
2. There are many apprenticeship providers – we’ve teamed up with Boom Training LTD for our Kieran Carroll‘s Business Administration level 3 and Baltic Apprenticeships for our Charlotte Lipski‘s Digital Marketing Level 3 apprenticeship.
3. From 1st April 2023, the minimum wage for apprentices will be £5.28 per hour, applicable to those aged 16-18 and for 19 or over, who are in their first year. However, as recommended by Alex Glasner from Workpays, many businesses choose to increase this rate to maximise retention.
4. There are payment grants available to employers £1,000 plus for apprentices at the start of their apprenticeship.
5. The apprentice’s working hours will need to be 20% spent off-the-job training.
6. On top of coursework, successful apprentices are marked pass, merit, or distinction after typically, a written skills test, practical demonstration of work and a professional discussion with an assessor.

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Questions we have answered:

speakers of the day

Event presentations:

How BMF can help you to hire apprentices – Kerry Wilson

Last week, Kerry Wilson from the BMF gave an insightful presentation at our KBB and Merchant Apprenticeship Day speaking on how the BMF supports the industry with hiring more apprentices.

Kerry delivers a wealth of direct answers that would be ver yusefull before any business consider hiring an apprentice.

The skills gap in our industry is growing and something needs to be done, check out the video below where Kerry’s passion for this subject shines through!

The importance of diversity within employment – Kasim Choudhry

There is nothing better than an enthusiastic speaker!

During our KBB and Merchant Apprenticeship Career’s Day, Kasim Choudhry from Pathway Group gave an informative and engaging speech on diversity and inclusion within apprenticeships and the workplace. 👏

From speaking on topics such as neurodiversity, understanding your employees struggles and much more the presentation was truly inspiring and one to listen to.

How to encourage school leavers to become an apprentice – Adam Palmer

Educating people about the opportunities in our industry is important, especially for young people who are looking to start their careers!

Adam Palmer from Moulton College spoke at our KBB and Merchant Apprenticeship Career’s Day, giving us an industry insight into learners’ minds. 🤯

Speaking on how students benefit from business visits, case studies and the importance of interacting this presentation is a must-watch!

Thank you once again Adam for speaking about this important topic!


Young people are the future of our industry!

Stephen Johnson, the Managing Director of Quooker, delivered an emotive and inspirational speech at our KBB and Merchant Apprenticeship Careers Day in which he bought to light the importance of investing in young people.

A young and dynamic workforce results in innovation and productivity, our industry is looking for it’s next generation.

Thank you once again Stephen for speaking about this important topic!

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