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Specific to KBB, improve best practices in showroom customer engagement. This advanced course of 40 key tips continues with understanding needs, objection handling techniques, how to agree on the next stage and alternative options in closing the sale.

Training video content

Certificate of Achievement

Complimentary access to a specific KBB FB Group

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Film 1: Customer Rapport

Approaching the customer
Engaging with the customer
Maximise order value
Mirror your customer

Film 2: Customer Interviewing

Rapport building
Avoid prejudgements
Fact finding
Understand competitor visits
Frustrations first
Communication options
Relay your differences
Open questions
Probing questions
Previous buying experiences

Film 3: Your Proposal

Customer proposals
Assume the order
Needs first
Uncover the real budget

Film 4: Control The Budget

Investment not cost
Stretch the budget
Quick tip
Qualify the brief

Film 5: Explain Your Differences

Why buy from me?
Lead with benefits
Design for the future
Garden path closing
Safety in numbers
Feel, felt, found experiences
Bright work mode
Uncover real objections
Negatives to positives

Film 6: Asking For The Order

Maximise order value
Justifying price
Always be closing
Self analise
Repead back accepted benefits

Film 7: Control The Sale

Control with agreements
Follow up process
Confidently propose your solution
Appreciation equals referals


I have learned a lot from Simon’s videos and have implemented some of his techniques into my daily routine when dealing with customers. With this showroom specific sales training, I’m finding the customer tends to have a much better experience from our business as a whole and I am finding myself closing a lot more sales with ease. The modules have given me a huge boost in confidence when speaking with customers in all aspects.

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Interactive quise

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Certificate of Achievement

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Specific KBB FB Group

where attendees can ask questions relative to the completed course content and the training tutor will provide the answers

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TRAINING: KBB specific advanced showroom sales training